Xtian Z8



Xitan Z8 – the new pole so many anglers have been asking Browning for! Many experienced anglers prefer some extra strength in their top-end pole. Perhaps they fish mainly on commercial fisheries or powerful rivers, perhaps they are just inclined to be a little “heavy handed” and give their poles a hard life!

Recognising this, we have produced the new Xitan Z8. Based on our highly successful Z9, the Z8 uses a slightly different Nano-carbon mix, which adds strength but very little extra weight.
This superbly strong and stiff pole is the perfect choice for serious competition anglers looking for a top quality, “do-all workhorse”,

suitable for everything from small fish to demanding commercial fishery or river fishing situations.

The new Xitan Z8 has the complete range of advanced features we build into our flagship Z12 pole – top-end features at a mid-range price.

Available in either a true length 16m “Pro” package, or a smaller 14.5m Std package for those who do not need or want a longer pole. Both are supplied with our highest quality pre-bushed SLK kits – puller or standard – the choice is yours.


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